Winter Wedding Trends for Caterers


Weddings are always changing and evolving with the times, so it is important that you stay on top of the latest seasonal trends. It is always a smart idea to stick to tried and true techniques that work, but this is not the best way to set yourself apart from the rest. It is equally important to take some risks and try something new and different and see how things play out. Every year, different catering trends arise, especially trends that are seasonal. Be sure you are on top this winter’s wedding trends so you can be ahead of the competition!

  • Winter Style Bouquets – You can be free to be creative here with your choice of winter flowers. However, it is always nice to use flowers that are known to be winter favorites. Maybe most importantly, use flowers that display winter colors, including deep greens, whites, and reds.  This can include amaryllis, holly, thistle, and pine.
  • Bold Wedding Invitations – This winter, be a little bolder with your wedding invitations. It is becoming increasingly popular to make winter wedding invitations very formal, giving your invitation a very bold look to achieve this. This style will also allow for a very clear, straight forward, elegant, and clean look to your wedding invitations, which will eliminate confusion.
  • Classic, Vintage Decor – Another trend this winter is the use of vintage decor. Make your wedding feel like one from the 1920’s, or any era of your liking for that matter. With the use of appropriate vintage decor, you can make your wedding have a very classic vibe and appeal to it. This can be both fun and interesting for you and your guests, making things different and exciting.
  • Gems and Crystals – To spruce up your presentation this winter, try adding some sparkle to your decor with the use of crystals and gemstones. These will shine and glimmer in the light, mimicking snow reflecting the sunlight. If gems or crystals are not available, try using anything that is metallic silver or gold, as they can also reflect shimmering light.
  • The Right Winter Music – Visual appeal and delicious menus are always a must have for any event, but do not overlook the importance of good music this winter. The appropriate music can be a very powerful tool to spark emotion and movement in a crowd. Be sure to have a great playlist or DJ that can set the mood you are looking for with a great music selection.
  • High Ceiling Venues – Due to the winter weather, most winter wedding receptions will be held indoors. If this is the case with your wedding, try to find a venue that has a high ceiling. This is growing in popularity and is especially becoming a trend this winter, as it allows for an indoor wedding to feel larger and more grandiose. This may not be the first thing your guests notice, but it will definitely make a huge difference in their impression.

Keep these winter wedding trends in mind this season when planning for your events. These trends could be what makes your event more memorable than others, setting yourself apart from the rest. If you ever need any catering supplies to make your winter wedding ideas come true, remember to check out Caterer’s Warehouse!

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