Winter Wedding Tips Not To Be Overlooked


Sometimes winter weddings can be tricky to plan for. There aren’t as many weddings during the winter than other times of year, so it can be easy to lose sight of what is expected for a wedding during the winter time. Don’t let a simple mistake turn into a disaster, so be sure that you have all of the finer details accounted for. Here are some winter wedding tips that can really help shape the look and feel of your wedding.

  • Keep it Cozy – With the sun setting earlier, and the colder weather settling in, winter is the season to get cozy. You can continue with this theme through the use of candle light, and warm and soft colors and textures for your decor. A fireplace would add a nice touch, and serving hot, rich drinks like hot chocolate or eggnog are also a great addition.
  • Temperature Control – The winter is a time when you may need to be especially conscious about temperature control. Be sure that your cermeony is warm enough indoors to relieve your guests from cold. If feasible, try providing heat lamps outdoors to give your guests a break from the cold wherever possible as well. Be mindful that it doesn’t get too hot indoors, however.
  • Color Crazy – You can’t go wrong with the traditional color schemes that are often associated with the winter season. However, there are no rules against doing something totally against the grain, and maybe that is something that works for you and your client. Consider using bright, vibrant colors for a summer time beach theme, or lighter, pastel colors for a spring time feel, for example.
  • Guest Favors – Be gracious for your guests, and don’t let them go home empty handed from your event! Try providing special favors and gifts like food, snacks, or small crafts related to the couple.
  • Indoor Receiving Line – Oftentimes, receiving lines can become quite long and create a line of guests out the door, waiting for their turn. Be sure to prevent having your guests wait outdoors for too long; bring your receiving line indoors. This way, your guests will not have to worry about getting stuck outside in the cold.

Use these winter wedding tips at your next wedding to bring your catering to the next level. Your wedding guests will also appreciate the attention to detail! If you need any catering or wedding supplies, be sure to check out Caterer’s Warehouse for all of your catering supply needs!

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