Winter Wedding Menu Trends and Ideas


Winter will soon be upon us, which means there will soon be many weddings looking for a winter theme. Not only do you have to have the decor and ambience right to make your guests feel like its winter, but you also have to be sure that it tastes like winter as well. It is equally as important to be sure that your menu also reflects the season accurately, using local, seasonal ingredients for hot and hearty dishes. Here are a few of the most recent winter wedding menu trends that you can use for inspiration for your next winter inspired wedding.

  • Mini Portions for Cocktail Hour – The theme of this trend is variety. During cocktail hour, offering miniature portions of hearty, winter time favorites can have a great response with your guests. Try offering tiny portions of mac and cheese, or a bite size portion of hearty beef stew. These mini portions should allow you to get creative and make a wide variety of different dishes during cocktail hour, offering your guests a multitude of different flavors, while satisfying their craving for warm and hearty foods during this cold winter season.
  • Soups AND Salads – Instead of the choice between the soup or salad before your meal, try something different and offer both. Try finding tableware that can accomodate both soups and salads on a single plate, and prepare and present the soup and salad as a single dish. This allows your menu offering to be more seamless and complete, which your guests will definitely appreciate. Don’t forget to keep both your soups and salads hearty for the winter, using ingredients like nuts, berries, apples, pears, and cheeses.winter-wedding-menu
  • Many Main Entrees – Going back to the theme for cocktail hour, a popular trend for main entrees is also about variety. Try preparing many different kinds of flavors for your entrees in bite size, miniature portions. But this time, set these apart from your cocktail hour offerings, make these offerings more contemporary and gourmet. Use the finest and freshest local and seasonal ingredients, but be sure you prepare many different kinds of entrees to choose from!
  • All Vegetarian Entrees – You must always provide a vegetarian option for the vegetarians guests who may be at your event. However, sometimes an all vegetarian menu can be just as delicious and can keep things simpler for the caterer. There are many options and recipes these days for making hearty, all vegetarian dishes that are delicious and nutritious as well. Put your skills to the test and impress your guests with a delicious all vegetarian menu for your winter wedding menu.
  • Sweets to Take Home – Don’t let your guests leave empty handed, be sure they leave with some sweets for the road. Offer a wide variety of candies and chocolates, and get creative with the presentation as well. Try color coordinating the candies you choose to match the color scheme of your decor for another nice touch. You can also try offering hot cocoa powder and marshmallows in jars, so your guests can continue to enjoy the winter as they go home with this popular winter time drink.

Keep on top of these winter wedding menu trends and your guests will definitely appreciate the attention to detail. These details will also set yourself apart from the rest! If you ever need any wedding supplies to make your idea a reality, you can find them all at Caterer’s Warehouse!

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