The Best Thanksgiving Party Ideas and Themes


Thanksgiving is a fun and joyous time of year. For many, it is a time for family get-togethers and celebrations. With such an important holiday around the corner, it is important as a caterer to have many Thanksgiving related ideas at hand and ready to be executed. With the influx of Thanksgiving releated requests soon to come, it is important to be prepared with the best thanksgiving party ideas and themes for your events!

  • Use Nature for Decor – Instead of searching for and wide for a supplier that has the perfect Thanksgiving related decor, just step outside and use your creativity! Collect a huge variety of Thanksgiving related things that are great decorative additions to any Thanksgiving party. Consider using apples, pinecones, pumpkins, gourds, branches, berries, leaves, wheat, and more!
  • Design A Kid’s Table – A theme in today’s Thanksgiving parties is designing a separate, smaller table for kids. While kids have different tastes and requirements at the table, it only makes sense to separate them from the main table where it is easier to cater to their requirements. This makes it easier on the hosts, the guests, and the caterer!
  • Label Your Dishes – If you are doing a buffet or family style dinner, try using fun labels to identify and describe your dishes. This can also be a great creative way to inform your guests of any ingredients that can trigger food allergies that they should be aware of.
  • Design Post-Meal Activities – Too often during Thanksgiving parties, the festivities begin to wind down after the meal is complete. The “food coma” begins to kick in, and the party begins to lose its excitement. To prevent this, and keep your party alive and moving, design post-meal games or activities for your guests. This can keep them engaged and active throughout the night, even after the meal.
  • Prepare Take-Out Boxes – For those that could not eat as much as they would have hoped, provide take out boxes for your guests! This will allow everyone to bring home a bit of the Thanksgiving party with them, and enjoy the leftovers the next day as well.thanksgiving-party
  • “Thankful For…” Theme – To keep everyone in the Thanksgiving spirit and to remind your guests about the meaning of Thanksgiving, keep a theme of things that you are thankful for throughout the party. This will instill a sense of thanksgiving and community amongst your guests and add an emotional side to your event.
  • Focus on Warmth – Another excellent idea for your Thanksgiving party is to use the theme of warmth. In this time of changing seasons, the weather is quickly becoming colder as the winter is ushered in. Warmth becomes very important to our every day life, so more fires are lit and meals are more hearty and rich. Use lots of candles and fires wherever you can, and be sure to beef up the menu to include hearty soups and rich entrees.

Keep these Thanksgiving party ideas and themes handy this season. They can prove to be very valuable when you need something unique to set your events apart from the competition. If you need any supplies to help you successfully execute your ideas, you can find them all at Caterer’s Warehouse!

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