Must Use Thanksgiving Decorations for Your Events


With Thanksgiving fast approaching, it is important to be at a comfortable position when it comes to planning your Thanksgiving themed events. Planning events can become quite overwhelming when you need to account for every single little detail that is involved. Oftentimes, these details can subconsciously do a lot for your event, and in many ways can be what makes the difference between a good event and a great one. One of the most important of these details is your Thanksgiving decorations. The use of excellent Thanksgiving decorations will definitely add a fine touch to your event that can set your events apart from everyone else’s. Here are some of our favorite ideas for Thanksgiving decorations for this year.

  • Use Ripe Fruit – Oftentimes when using nature for decorations, the first thing people think of are flowers. The fall season and Thanksgiving holiday is a time of harvest, so it is appropriate that instead of using flowers, using ripe fruit is more fitting. Don’t be afraid to bring in ripe apples, melons, gourds, and more from the outside to use creatively and tastefully as decor for your events.
  • Keep Nature Natural – A great tip for using natural Thanksgiving decor is to keep things as natural as possible. Nature has its own natural beauty, and oftentimes the hardest creative work is already done for you. Just find the perfect way to present an already perfect creation that nature has created during this fall season.
  • Acorn Candles – One of our favorite ideas to spruce up each individual tablesetting is the use of acorn candles. Try finding hollow acorn caps and filling them with wax and a wick to use as personal candles at your wedding table.thanksgiving-decoration-ideas
  • Serve Food in a Fresh Gourd – Use your creativity to figure out what kinds of foods can be served in a hollowed out gourd. It may beappetizers such as cheeze or olives, or maybe it can be used to cradle certain sauces or soups. Whatever it is, a gourd can be an extremely useful and festive tool to use for your Thanksgiving events.
  • Re-Use Old Charger Plates – If you have some old, unused charger plates lying around, put them to good use and use them as decoration. There are countless amounts of things you can use charger plates for. One of our favorite ideas is to write menus on the charger plates, or use them to label dishes in a buffet setting.
  • Use Fall Foliage Creatively – Fall leaves can be some of the most defining aspects about the fall and Thanksgiving season, so it is only appropriate to use them in your Thanksgiving decorations as well. Try using a single whole leaf as a name card for your guests, or use fall foliage instead of rose petals wherever appropriate.
  • Gild Fruit and Pine Cones – Try finding pine cones, small pumpkins, or anything else Thanksgiving related and gild it with a nice gold coating. These can be a great way to add extra glamour and liveliness to your overall presentation. 

Keep these Thanksgiving decorations in your arsenal for this year’s Thanksgiving events. With these ideas ready to be executed, you will never have to worry about finding something worthy for your events. If you ever need anything to help you get any of your events off the ground, you can always find the best deals on catering supplies at Caterer’s Warehouse!

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