How To Set A Table: Table Setting Tips


Setting a table properly and with efficiency and speed can be a very valuable skill. Things can get very hectic when you are running against the clock and cannot afford mistakes or miscommunications. Because of this, it can be a big help to have certain things prepared and planned beforehand. We have put together a list of some table setting tips that can help you prepare yourself for some of these situations as well.
  • Prep Your Tabletop Supplies Before – Be sure to have all of your plates, bowls, utensils, etc. to be cleaned, stacked in one place and ready to go for the next day. This way you can have everything you need in the same place and ready to be used, preventing further confusion.
  • Set Flowers Early – To get the best presentation from flowers, it is important to have them set up where they need to be as soon as possible. This will give the flowers time to bloom and open up as they wont be disturbed. This will make for a fuller and more beautiful flower display.
  • Simple Centerpieces – A nice centerpiece does not have to be very elaborate and complex. Sometimes, the best centerpieces are the simplest ones. Simple centerpieces also tend to be quicker and easier to handle, causing for even less confusion and chances for things to go wrong. It would be greatly beneficial if you could keep it simple while still having a great centerpiece.
  • Plan for Candlelight – If you are planning on using candles for your event, be sure you have enough candles and holders and that they are all gathered in the same place and ready to be set up. This way, all you will need to do is place them and light them.
  • Have a Side Buffet – If you find yourself having to make constant trips to and from the kitchen serving drinks, it may be a smart idea to set up a small side buffet table. This way, you can set up beverage dispensers so your guests can get drinks on their own. You can also leave extra plates and utensils on the table as well for your guests to pick up, or for your servers to have close on hand throughout the event.
  • No Tablecloth – A tablecloth adds a nice touch to your presentation, but you can have an impressive presentation without the tablecloth as well. This will keep things simple, while ultimately saving time and hassle. Try using fashionable and stylish placemats instead, for a simpler and easier to handle presentation.
With these table setting tips, you will be able to have a much smoother experience when table setting during crunch time. If you ever need any tabletop supplies for your next event, you will find the best deals and customer service at Caterer’s Warehouse!

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