How To Save Money On Wedding Food


Wedding food can prove to be one of the more costly items when planning a wedding. Whether money is an factor or not, it is always important to cut costs wherever possible. This way, you are not spending excessively in areas that are unnecessary, so you can allocate that money to areas that need it. Too often, inefficient ways of spending money on wedding food becomes the biggest area where money is being spent unnecessarily. When you focus on listening to your guests and their needs and spending your money smarter and in the right places, you will find you can get the results you are looking for at a fraction of the cost it normally would. Here are some of our favorite ways to identify and address different ways to save money on wedding food!

  1. Local Seasonal Ingredients – Wherever possible, try sourcing ingredients that are local and in season. These are usually cheaper, as they do not have to be imported or transported very far to reach their destination. This is also a great way to support local farmers and sustainable farming methods, which your guests will appreciate.
  2. Use Local University Facilities – When using the space of a university or college, they will typcially already have sufficient facilities for you to do everything you need for your reception. Additionally, they will also have on hand a knowledgeable and usually very affordable staff that you can use for your events. This may be a great way to save on costs and find useful labor to help you along the way.
  3. Hire Culinary Students – Culinary students can oftentimes be a great cost saving option for your events as well. Students are much cheaper to hire and are often very enthusiastic about their work as they are still trying to establish themselves in the culinary world. Hiring culinary students can save you money, help up and coming chefs and caterers, and yield some amazing results at the same time.
  4. Hold the Reception at a Restaurant – Restaurants may be a great option for a venue if you’re trying to save money. Restaurants are convenient options because all of the food will be in one central location. This will eliminate the need to transport food from a kitchen to the venue. In addition, restaurants typically already have the infrastructure in place to serve a large amount of guests at one time.
  5. Fruit Infused Water – Instead of offering a wide variety of drinks that can be a hassle, try offering different fruit infused waters instead. These are much cheaper, simpler, and oftentimes more refreshing for your guests as well.
  6. Supply Your Own Alcohol – Instead of hiring an entire staff to provide and serve your alcohol during the event, consider supplying your own alcohol and means of serving to your guests. Buying your own alcohol in bulk will be much cheaper, and you can hire caterers to serve the alcohol throughout the night.
  7. Serve Comfort Foods – Instead of only providing fancy, expensive options, try a menu featuring some comfort foods. These are often less expensive, but just as desireable and delicious to your guests. Try barbecue, sliders, french fries, and more!

Using these tips, you can start saving some money on your wedding food costs. This may prove to be very useful when you can have some left over money to allocate elsewhere, where it may be needed more. If you realize there are any catering supplies or equipment that you will need to plan your wedding, you can always shop at Caterer’s Warehouse at any time of the day!

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