Halloween Party Catering Tips and Ideas


Now that Fall is officially upon us, the weather will quickly be changing and before you know it, Halloween will be here. Halloween is a special holiday for many across the country, from children to adult alike. Because of this, it is important to be prepared to cater to all kinds of parties and events. Since it’s a fun holiday that spans a wide demographic, you have a huge array of choices and possibilities for your events. Because of this, its also important to enjoy the process and be creative and courageous with it as well. Here are some catering tips to help get you on the right track with your next Halloween Party.

  1. Think About Your Crowd – Since Halloween is enjoyed by children and adults alike, you must first know the general demographics of your guests. If your guests are going to be younger children, your party will be very different from one geared towards young adults. This detail alone with tell you much about what kind of event you need to create.
  2. Dress for the Occasion – If the Halloween party is going to involve costumes, make sure your staff dresses up in a costume as well. While it is not necessary, it will add a fun and unexpected twist to your catering which many of your guests will enjoy and appreciate. Likewise, if the event does not involve costumes, be sure not dress up, as it will be equally awkward for your guests.
  3. Create an Ambience – Halloween parties are often based around a horror theme and are scary in nature. Be sure to decorate appropriately, using traditional Halloween icons like spiders, spider webs, ghosts, and pumpkins for example. Using fog machines and playing the right music can also help create the appropriate ambience as well.
  4. Serve Fun Foods and Drinks – When preparing and presenting your food and drink at your Halloween parties, try to make them Halloween themed as well. Making food to resemble things like worms, spiders, body parts, blood, etc. can also add to the fun and theme of the event.
  5. Serve Alcohol – If the guests are catered towards the older crowd, be sure to provide alcoholic drinks for your guests as well. This is also another outlet for you to be creative with the Halloween theme. Try creating new drinks or renaming drinks to fall into the Halloween theme too.
  6. Have Other Activities – Depending on the space and situation, it may be a great idea to provide some extra activities as well. Some examples may include a fortune teller, pumpkin carving, or face painting. These can add a whole other kind of fun and entertainment for your guests, that would normally be unusual for any other situation.
  7. Stay On Theme – No matter you decide to add to your Halloween party, be sure to stay consistent with the scary Halloween theme. Keep things dark and scary, but fun. While staying on theme is very important, be sure this doesn’t compromise the quality of the catering as well. While staying on theme, be sure the food is still delicious and the service is still top notch.
If you follow these general catering tips, you should have no serious problems catering your next Halloween party. However, even the best planning alone is not enough to cater a party without great quality catering supplies. If you need any Halloween catering supplies, you can find them and more at Caterer’s Warehouse!

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