Fall Party Ideas for This Season’s Catering


The fall season is a very fun and dynamic time for any caterer. With the weather suddenly changing, there comes many changes in flavors, foods, and activities as well. For the caterer, it becomes a great opportunity to capture the changing times and reflect them in their events. With the colder, harsher weather comes a need for warmer, heartier foods and richer flavors. The variety of crops available from recent harvests also provide for more diverse flavor options as well.  In addition, both Halloween and Thanksgiving are in the fall, allowing for an even more dynamic season. Take advantage of the diversity of options you have during this unique season, and make sure your fall party ideas are always fun and exciting.

  • Take it Outdoors – One of the most beautiful things about the fall season is the outdoor beauty. The fall season is a time of stunning outdoor visuals with the foliage changing colors, so it may be a great idea to take your event outdoors. This will allow your guests to fully take in and appreciate the beauty of the fall season. Be sure to choose a pleasant day for this, however, as fall can also be a time of unpredictable weather.
  • Apple Picking – A fun and popular tradition in the fall is to go apple picking. Apples are a very popular fruit that is abundant during the fall, and has in many respects become synonymous with the season. Apple picking is a great way to go outdoors enjoy the fall weather, while also enjoying the fruits of the season. You can even use these apples to make a variety of fall recipes, like apple pie, or apple cider.
  • Pumpkin Harvests – Similar to apples, pumpkins are also extremely popular during the fall season. If apples are not your thing, consider visiting a farm for a pumpkin harvest instead. Here you can pick out your own pumpkins to take home as well. Use them for your fall recipes, or use them for decoration as well!
  • Explore Seasonal Wines – If you are a wine lover, the fall is also a great time to explore wines. There are many wineries that will show you the process of how they harvest their crops during the fall and process them to produce wine as well. You can then taste the wine that this produces, and take some home for yourself as well.
  • Back to School – One of the biggest events that occur during the fall in the United States is the back to school rush in September. Public schools are typically back in session by early September, so the fall is the season when kids are just starting their school year. A back to school party theme could be a hit if your guests are students.
  • Football Theme – The fall season is also synonymous with the start of football season. A football themed party is always fun to have, and the best part is that you can have a football party multiple times a week!
  • Camp Fires – If you are having an event that goes involves the outdoors and goes into the night, consider having a camp fire. Camp fires are a great way for your guests to socialize and bond with each other in a uniquely fall outdoor setting. You can also provide certain camp fire snacks like hotdogs or marshmallows.

Using these fall party ideas will surely keep your fall parties fresh, while being great entertainment for your guests. Be sure you have all of the necessary party supplies when planning your next fall party, so you don’t run into any problems. If you need to restock on any kind of catering supplies, you can find everything you need and more at Caterer’s Warehouse!

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