Creative Food Station Ideas



Food stations are quickly becoming a big trend in food service and catering. Break away from tradition and make your next event stand out with a creative and interactive food station for your guests! These are great alternatives to employing traditional servers, and buffet style layouts. Food stations will not only differentiate your event from others, but it will also give your guests an opportunity to socialize and interact with each other, the staff, and the food as well. This also allows your guests to pick and choose how they want their food prepared and served, which will leave everyone happy. Here are some of our favorite food station ideas that we love.

  • salad-food-stationAppetizer – Appetizers are by definition a great fit for foodstations.Oftentimes, appetizers are already set up this way, whether it be aveggie or fruit plate with dips and sauces. But with a little creativity, this can be taken a step further, allowing for further customization and interaction among your guests. Using the trend of smaller, miniature sized portions will work great here as well. A couple of our favorite ideas include a salad bar, a build your own nachos food station, or a cheese, fruit, and wine pairing station.


  • Main Course – Unlike the appetizers, the main course needs to be insushi-food-station bigger portions. Because of this, preparing a main course food station may require a bit more planning, but there is so much flexibility with the main course that your possibilities are endless. You can prepare a main course food station for anything from gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches to an asian inspired rice bowl. Some of our favorite ideas include a raw seafood bar including a variety of sushi, a build your own sliders station, a taco bar, and a baked potato food station. Don’t be afraid to use your creativity and do something different. When done right, your guests will really appreciate the unexpected choices!


  • Dessert – Desserts are also a great fit for this style of food service.smores-food-station Desserts are often in smaller portions, making it easier to build a plate with a variety of options. Candy food stations were always popular and could be seen as a precursor to this food station craze. Try building your own candy station for your guests. Some other great food station ideas that we love include a s’mores station, a build your own ice cream or yogurt station, a cotton candy machine, and even a coffee or espresso bar.


Give your next event a unique flair and use these creative food station ideas for your next event. These ideas will add a new and fun social element to food service at your next event. If you need any catering supplies to help you turn any of these ideas into reality, you can find everything you need at Caterer’s Warehouse!

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