Creative and Effective Thanksgiving Appetizers


With Thanksgiving nearly upon us, its important to be able to provide a full, well-rounded Thanksgiving menu for all of your events. Too often, all of the emphasis is put on the main entrees of the Thanksgiving dinner, while the appetizers get overlooked. While it makes sense in terms of a prioritization point of view, it is really important to have your entire experience well thought out and of your highest quality. This means having an impressive lineup of hearty, fall inspired Thanksgiving appetizers, to compliment the rest of your meal. Here are some of our favorite Thanksgiving appetizer recipes that you can keep on hand for your menu this season.

  • Parmesan Crusted Baked Zucchini Sticks with Marinara Sauce – These baked zucchini sticks are reminiscent of many unhealthier, deep fried counterparts. Crust them with parmesan and serve with marinara sauce for a truly fall inspired and flavored appetizer.
  • Tangy Red-Pepper-and-Nut Dip – To add a unique and lively flavor to your appetizer menu, try this tangy dip! It is rich with spices and different ingredients, offering a wide variety of flavors in every bite. This recipe is sure to spruce up your Thanksgiving appetizers.
  • Pumpkin Dip – There is nothing more festive during the fall and Thanksgiving than pumpkins. Try making this hearty and delicious pumpkin dip for chips, bread, veggies, and more for your meals this Thanksgiving. To take it even further, serve the pumpkin dip inside of a hollowed out pumpkin!
  • Artichoke Bread – One of everybody’s favorite appetizers in the fall is spinach and artichoke dip. This hot and hearty dip satisfies many cravings during the fall season and is always a sure hit. Instead of making the dip separate, try something new and bake the dip right onto the bread itself!
  • Goat Cheese Stuffed Roasted Figs – For a truly unique and rustic flavor for the fall, take fresh roasted figs and stuff them with goat cheese. This classic pairing of sweet and salty with the heartiness and warmth from the roasting and the cheese make this a fall favorite!
  • Apples on Horseback – For a similar flavor effect as the goat cheese stuffed roasted figs, these apples on horseback are also a great appetizer. They include apples in cheese and pancetta, providing the sweet, salty, and savory, all in one bite.
  • Spanakopita – Another more untraditional dish that also fits right at home in Thanksgiving menus is spanakopita. This traditionally Greek dish serves spinach and feta cheese in a flaky crust, satisfying the heartiness that everyone craves during this fall season.
  • Hazelnut Profiteroles with Blue Cheese and Grapes – This popular pastry is often associated with dessert, but this simple twist can easily adapt it to fit perfectly with your Thanksgiving appetizers. Try stuffing these with blue cheese and grapes with a side of hazelnut accents. This hearty appetizer is sure to satisfy all of your guests fall cravings, and have them looking for more!

Keep these appetizer ideas on hand and you can be sure to always have a great selection to choose from every Thanksgiving. If you need any catering or party supplies to help outfit any of your events, you can find them all at a great price at Caterer’s Warehouse!

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