Christmas Catering Tips and Trends for 2013


With the Christmas season in full swing, it is important to have a good idea on how to cater a great Christmas party. With the chaos of the holiday season, it can be easy to overlook the most popular catering trends in the industry. Staying on top these, however, can prove to be the difference maker between you and your competition. Be sure you are in tune with these popular Christmas catering tips and trends for 2013!

  • Farm To Table – In the spirit of being green, farm to table foods are becoming even more popular this Christmas season. This promotes sustainability and support for local farmers. This is a great way to not only support your local community, but also keep your menu true to the local flavors and time of year.
  • Traditional Decor – While in recent years, more contemporary and unorthodox celebrations were commonplace, this season a step back to the traditional is starting to make its way back into popularity. Stick to the traditional decor items like pine cones, wreaths, bows, holly, and mistletoe, for example.
  • Interactive Meal Courses – Instead of having a course plated and served to every guest, try experimenting with tasting stations, where your guests are encouraged to get up and try different stations they are interested in. This will allow them to have better control over what they eat, and also promote socializing among your guests as well. This could especially work great with appetizers and desserts.
  • Different Seafood Dishes – Instead of the common beef, chicken, or fish, try some more exotic seafood options. Things like lobster, crab, sea urchin, shrimp, oysters, etc. can add a very elegant twist to your menu.
  • Pop Some Champagne – What celebration is complete without some champagne? While wine, liquor, and other drinks may also be appropriate for this occasion, nothing quite says it like some quality champagne for your guests.
  • Fireplaces – Where possible, the use of a real fire for both heat and ambient light is a great idea at any Christmas event. This adds the much needed warmth from the cold for your guests, but will also add an unmatched ambience and feeling of community amongst your guests, which can prove to be very memorable.

Using these tips, you can be sure to have a christmas party that is sure to entertain. Staying on top of these trends will also set you apart from the rest! If you ever need any catering supplies for your next Christmas event, you will love your experience at Caterer’s Warehouse!

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