Catering Appetizers for Parties and Appetizer Ideas


First impressions are always important no matter what the situation, and this is no different when catering. Since appetizers are always among the first things to be served to your guests, it is very important you have quality appetizer ideas for all of your events. Even though they are not the main course, when even the small details for your event surpass expectations, lasting impressions are made. This is why its imperative that you come prepared with not only your best ideas for your entrees, but also catering appetizers. Here are some general guidelines to always keep in mind for appetizers ideas that will always work.

  • What Kind of Appetizers? – Much of your decision making for your appetizer ideas will come from the kind of appetizers you will be making. Your appetizers cannot just be a random collection of ideas; instead they, along with the rest of your menu, should be one cohesive culinary experience. Make sure that your appetizers all flow nicely with the rest of your catering.
  • Listen To Your Budget – One of the most important factors that you need to keep into consideration when preparing your appetizers for parties is your budget. If your budget is small, you do not want to spend too much on your appetizers and have little left for the rest of the meal. Be sure you are realistic with what you can do with the budget you have.
  • Consistent Cuisine – When coming up with the appetizer ideas and recipes, be sure you keep the textures and flavors consistent with the rest of the menu. This is important to keep a consistent experience throughout the entire meal. For example, you do not want to serve a hot and hearty wintertime appetizer during a light summertime meal.
  • Appropriate for the Ocassion – It is also important to remember what kind of party you are catering for. What is the ocassion? What will the layout be like? Will it be buffet style? All of these questions and more will factor into what kinds of appetizers will be best to prepare for your event.
  • Cater to the Right Crowd – It is equally important to keep in mind who you are catering to. Keep in mind the type of people your guests will be and create appetizer ideas that will be appropriate for your crowd. For example, you do not want to prepare appetizers with meat for a gathering of vegetarians. If there are children involved, you may also want to make your appetizers child friendly as well.
  • Local Ingredients – It always is a positive to your catering efforts when you use and support local ingredients for your cooking. This can also be a great way to add a local touch to your menu as well, using flavors native to the area in your cooking. 
  • Flavors of the Season – Similarly to using local ingredients, you could also try using ingredients that are currently in season. This way, you can have appetizers full of flavors that are not only in season, but also native to the local area you are in. This will add a very nice personal touch to the wedding menu.
  • Creative Presentation – Once you have the right appetizer ideas in mind, you want to be sure they are presented appropriately. Shape your appetizers to look like something related to the ocassion, or make your appetizers tiny versions of food we are familiar with. Being creative with your presentation will not only give your appetizers more appeal to your guests, but it will leave the positive first impression that you are looking for.

Stay in line with these gudelines for your appetizers for parties, and you will always have great appetizers. If you need help preparing your appetizers and need some new catering supplies to make your ideas a reality, check out Caterer’s Warehouse now!

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