8 Great Summer Party Recipes


Summertime brings in hot weather, humidity, and the need for cool, refreshing food and drink. It is always a good idea to keep fare light during this season, as heavier, heartier foods can often be too intense for the draining summer heat. Fresh vegetables and fruits are always a great option, and adding the tangy zest of citrus fruits and serving them cold can also work out great when preparing your summer party recipes. However, keeping the same old recipes around every summer can get boring and make your parties and events stale and dull. Are you keeping your menus updated with new, fresh ideas for the summer? Here are 8 of our favorite summer party recipe ideas that are sure to be hits with your guests when your summer party comes around!

  1.  Shrimp Salad – Stuffed Endive – Shrimp is a great choice of protein for the summertime, as it can be served cold and refreshing, and as an appetizer or an entree. This recipe is a great example! Try making a shrimp salad, complete with herbs, spices and even lemon zest to keep the flavor refreshing. You can either prepare this shrimp salad as a side dish for your entrees, or you can try serving smaller portions as appetizers. Serve the salad with fresh endive leaves, giving this dish a refreshing summertime feel to it!
  2. Crab Cocktail Americana – Similar to shrimp, crab can be an excellent summertime choice as well. If you prefer crab over shrimp, or even if crab is a more economical choice, you can try using this crab cocktail recipe instead of the shrimp salad. Or even better – try serving both! This recipe aims to accomplish a very similar goal as the above shrimp salad, but with a slightly different twist. Serve it cold and refreshing as either a side dish to go along with your entrees or serve it as a delicious appetizer beforehand!summer-party-greek-salad
  3. Green Goddess Veggie Dip – Fresh is the key word for the summertime, especially when it comes to fruits and veggies! A must have staple for any summertime party is fresh veggies and dip! This delicious veggie dip recipe is perfect for the summer, and includes the wonderful combination of flavors like zesty lemon, garlic, parsley and tarragon to go along with the heartier sour cream and mayonnaise base. Pair this dip with a fresh assortment of vegetables, and don’t be afraid to be creative with it! Definitely serve the typical carrots, celery, and peppers, but try serving cucumbers, soy beans, snap peas, and more!
  4. Lemon Parsley Popcorn – What better snack for a casual, fun party then popcorn? Everyone loves popcorn and the light and airiness of the snack makes it addictive and a joy to eat. It’s generally plain taste also makes popcorn extremely versatile as it can be a blank slate for any flavor you choose! Sticking with the lemon trend for the summertime, consider this lemon parsley popcorn recipe! This popcorn flavor is unique and will catch your guests by surprise, straying away from the traditional butter, cheese, or caramel flavored popcorn. Mix together lemon zest, parsley, butter and salt and add to your popcorn for a delicious flavor! Quick, simple, and easy too!
  5. Greek Salad Skewers – One of the most refreshing and light summer-party-recipedishes you can serve during the summertime is a fresh Greek salad. Oftentimes at parties, however, sitting down with a salad plate isn’t always an option. Depending on the setting, sometimes your guests are up and about and it is more appropriate to have finger foods, and foods that are more convenient to eat while standing up, walking around and mingling. If that is the case with your party, try serving Greek salad bites on skewers! This recipe calls for a simple yet effective appetizer that will be perfect for this kind of party setting. The mixture of fresh vegetables, feta cheese, and a drizzle of olive oil all on an easy to eat skewer will prove to perfect for your guests!
  6. Summer Fruit Salad – Nothing says summer quite like the sweetness and juiciness of fresh fruit. It goes without question that a good summer fruit salad is in order for any good summertime party. But don’t make your fruit salad just like everyone else’s, try this unique take on a fruit salad with this recipe! This recipe attempts to blend savory flavors with the sweet flavors of fresh fruit. Mix together some fresh fruit favorites like grapes, strawberries, watermelon, and more, but try mixing it with some hearty avocado, and add some ginger, arugula, and green onions to give it a great contrasting flavor!
  7. Baileys Irish Cream Fruit Dip – This unique and creative take on dips are sure to be a pleasant surprise for your guests. Instead of a vegetable dip, try serving a dip to pair with all kinds of fresh fruits! However, instead of using the hearty, savory base used for veggies, like sour cream, cream cheese, and mayonnaise, use a mixture of vanilla pudding, whipped cream, milk, and some Baileys Irish Cream for the final touch! This dip will prove to be lighter and sweeter than most other dips you are used to, and will go great pairing with fresh sliced apples, pears, and even a slice of pound cake on the side!summer-party-appetizer
  8. Party Pepperoncini – The zesty sourness of lemon and the sweet succulence of fresh fruits and vegetables are always a great choice of flavor combinations for the summertime, but spicy is one not to overlook! Because of this, we love the idea of incorporating pepperoncini to your dishes, as it is a light vegetable with bite, highlighting both sour and spicy flavors. Try pairing some cool, crispy pepperoncini with the salty, savory flavors of salami or prosciutto. You can even add a slice of swiss cheese for extra heartiness that will go great with the tangy spicy flavors. Drizzle lightly in olive oil, and you have a winner for any summer party!

Keep your summer party menu fresh and try these 8 ideas at your next summer party! These recipes are sure to be a hit among your guests and their unique and creative nature will definitely keep them satisfied and wanting more! If you need any catering supplies to help you make these a reality, you can always shop for them them online at Caterer’s Warehouse!

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