8 Great Father’s Day Party Ideas


With Father’s Day quickly approaching, its important to be ready with some great ideas to make any father feel special. Father’s Day is right in the middle of the spring and summer seasons, so its the perfect warm weather occasion. What better way to enjoy the sunshine and outdoors with family and great food? It doesn’t have to end there either, there are endless options when it comes to entertaining dads and making them feel like a king for a day. Here are 8 of our favorite Father’s Day party ideas that you can use to make your Father’s Day party that much more unique and exciting!

  1. Hire a Photographer – Try capturing special moments throughout the day with the use of an event photographer. By hiring a third party to be the photographer, you can still capture every moment while still being a part of it. In addition, after the party is over, you will have some great mementos for the father and your guests! You can use these as gifts as well, which will make the perfect compliment to a great party.
  2. Invite a Professional Bartender – Any father will appreciate drinks on Father’s Day. Hire a professional bartender so your guests can enjoy a wide variety of custom made drinks all day long. Treat your father to drinks that he may not normally be able to try on a regular basis. This is not kid friendly but sure to be a lot of fun for your adult guests!
  3. Hire Live Music – Nothing rounds out a good outdoor party better than live music. Hire a band that can play some of your father’s favorite music, and keep them as good background and ambience throughout the party. You can also encourage guests to dance, and really control the overall energy of the party throughout the day.
  4. Hold an Open Mic – Try setting aside some time during all of the festivities to allow for an open mic for your guests to say a few words about their fathers. Encourage your guests to share stories, jokes, and other anecdotes about their father. Slideshows can be another great idea that can add a lot to this presentation. This is sure to give a personal touch to the event – something that will be appreciated and remembered for years to come.
  5. Grill, Grill, Grill! – What dad doesn’t love the taste of a rich smokey fathers-day-partysteak fresh off the grill? Be sure to find out what the father’s favorite meats are and prepare them for the grill for Father’s Day. Stock up on steaks, chicken, ribs and more so you can be sure you have enough to last the entire day. Make sure that the grilling is taken care of, so he isn’t doing any of the work!
  6. Decorate With Him in Mind – Instead of the same old, boring and generic decor, customize your party to reflect the father’s interests. Choose a theme, from a golf theme to a beach theme, and build around it. You can even set up stations of activities based around this theme, encourage more interaction among your guests. The options here are limitless, so be creative!
  7. Keep It Kid Friendly – Don’t forget, Father’s Day is not only a day for the father’s, but also for their families. If your party is going to have kids, be sure to provide a kid friendly environment and activities. It can also include a kids menu, to include things like spaghetti or pizza as well. Try preparing areas where kids can draw and have a safe place to roam and play too.
  8. Invite Friends and Family – Father’s Day celebrations don’t always have to be about one father. Try inviting multiple fathers together to have a joint party and increase the size of the celebration! Combining multiple smaller parties into a single big one can result in a very memorable night, especially with close friends and family coming together to celebrate.

This Father’s Day, be sure to try out some of these great ideas at your party. These are some sure ways to get your father to feel loved on his special day. They are also great ideas to get your party looking good and running smoothly. With the right ideas and the right tools and catering supplies, the possibilities for your event will be endless. Remember, you can find anything and everything you need for the perfect Father’s Day party by shopping online at Caterer’s Warehouse!

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