6 Must Try Winter Wedding Trends


It isn’t always easy to prepare for an upcoming winter wedding. Sometimes, there just aren’t the resources or the time to pull some great ideas off. Other times, you just don’t have enough great, fresh ideas to use. Since you have control over that, its important to make sure you always have new ideas at all times. Here are some of our favorite and most popular winter wedding trends for this season!

  1. Wintery Venues – The challenge with winter is bringing the beauty of the season indoors without having to battle the elements. With certain venues, this becomes increasingly possible and easier and to pull off. Try finding ways you can give access to a balcony with a nice view of a wintery landscape, while keeping space heaters nearby to keep a comfortable temperature.
  2. Feathers and Capes – A rising trend in this winter’s wedding fashion trends include the use of feathers and capes. You can try using feathers of all kinds in the bridal gown, hair, veils, centerpieces, and even bouquets. Capes can also be a unique and elegant way to add flair to the wedding dress. Try using a material like velvet or fur for added luxury and class!
  3. Bold, Earthy Color Tones – As winter is a season of bold temperatures and weather patterns, try matching this with bold, loud and earthy color tones. Try different shades of red and orange in conjunction with greens, browns, grays, blacks, and whites. The red and orange shades are very bold and daring, and will scream on top of the soft, subtle earthy tones. 
  4. Small, Savory Foods – Winter is a time for hearty, savory, warm foods and flavors. Try preparing smaller portions of many different kinds of popular winter dishes. Comfort foods are often great choices for these criteria. Things like mac and cheese, biscuits and gravy, or a chicken pot pie are always hits with any crowd.
  5. Embellished Bouquets – To go along with the bold color themes, it is also a great idea to go bold with your flower bouquets. It is becoming a popular trend to embellish the flower bouque using gemstones, feathers, crystals, and other extravagant decorations to spruce it up.
  6. Bold Invitations – Wedding invitations can be a great way to set the mood and theme for your wedding as well. Going along great with the bold nature of the other winter wedding trends, the use of bold wedding invitations are also a must. Try sticking with the bold color themes, and use large, clean, bold text to get your message across.

Try some of these winter wedding trends this season to ensure your wedding is a unique one! These will also help you stay at the cutting edge when it comes to wedding planning and wedding catering. If you ever need any catering supplies for your winter wedding, you can always find the best deals at Caterer’s Warehouse!

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