5 Green Winter Wedding Trends and Ideas


A winter wedding is not always easy or inexpensive to plan. Especially during the colder winter months, more energy is required to provide sufficient heat and lighting for your guests. During summer months, on the other hand, it is possible to have wedding costs drastically reduced due to differences in weather. Because of this, it is important to be mindful of your carbon footprint when planning a winter wedding, and how you can make your winter wedding more green without any sacrifices in the quality of the experience. Here are 5 green winter wedding trends that may inspire you for your wedding planning this season.

  1. Decorate With Ice – When used creatively, ice can be a very beautiful decorative tool. It is also very simple and cheap to make! Ice is becoming very popular to use in decorations in winter weddings, and for good reason. Try molding your ice in different ways to achieve the effect you’re looking for. Try playing with the effect light has on ice as well, for an even more interesting twist.
  2. Use Natural Decor – There is no better way to display the natural beauty of winter than by using nature itself. Try going outside and gathering branches, twigs, berries, wood, leaves, pine cones, and other things. Use your creativity to make something that is presentable with these natural obejcts!
  3. Be Carbon Neutral – Another green winter wedding trend is ensuring that your wedding is carbon neutral through carbon offsets. These will ensure that emissions of green house gases will be reduced elsewhere to offset the gases that were emitted for your wedding.
  4. Fruit Wedding Cake Frosting – A popular trend for wedding cakes these days is the elimination of plastic wedding cake toppers and the use of more elaborate wedding cake frostings. Using a variety of local and seasonal fruits, you can really make your wedding cake green and sustainable!
  5. Vintage Wedding Themes – This winter, the vintage, 1920’s style wedding theme is showing growing signs of popularity as well. This can also be a fun and effective idea for a green wedding. Everything, from the venues, to the decor, to the fashion can all be something re-used from the past, reducing the need for more waste. In addition to this, a theme will add more fun and style to your wedding!

With these green winter wedding trends, you can be sure to have a very green winter wedding without any sacrifices or compromises. If you need any wedding or catering supplies to make your wedding a reality, remember to shop Caterer’s Warehouse first for the best deals, selection and customer service!

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